Monday Musings: Beginnings

A new week has begun, yet again.  Can you believe that we'll say good-bye to 2013 in less than 2 months?  I am in utter disbelief.  This talk about ephemeral time reinforces our relatively short-lived life on Earth.  As humans, we wrestle with our fleshly desires and adamantly hold onto our views of truth rather than widening our eyes to see Truth--truth with a capital T.  How much longer will we remain in the old and forsake the new?  To be quite frank, I'm not sure.  But let us learn to embrace the unknown and hope for the best when new beginnings come.

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2. Chestnuts: Roasted or boiled, chestnuts taste heavenly either way.  The sweet, nutty scent of chestnuts makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.  I love more than anything, though, are chestnuts in stuffing... 'tis the season for Christmas carols and delicious seasonal food.

3. Beautiful, new love: [youtube=]

Rest up, fellow readers!

Love, pristine christine