Where's Wednesday: Chowdah' at the Beach

ImageMy brother and I visited Chef David LeFevre's Fishing with Dynamite (FwD) for lunch on Monday.  One of the perks of living by all these beaches is being able to explore the culinary world through different lenses.  Thankfully, Manhattan Beach is only 20 minutes from home.  

We ordered the Maryland Blue Crab Cake, Cape Cod Squash Rolls with Rosemary Butter, New England Chowdah, and Shrimp Po Boy.  The Shrimp Po Boy had a nice twist to it with the spicy sauce, but the sandwich didn't impress me too much.  However, the chowder definitely deserves the raves; I may prefer Chef David's version over the traditional starchy kind.  All in all though, our favorite part about the meal was the cape cod squash rolls.  With the rosemary butter lightly slathered onto the roll, we tasted perfection.  Both my brother and I loved the rolls so much that we asked the chef to pack a box of them to-go for our parents.  I would come back just to stuff myself with the rolls... In all seriousness, I can't wait to return to FwD and give the Mahi Mahi tacos and miso black cod a try! You can check out my full review on Yelp. 

I hope you're having a terrific Wednesday. Until tomorrow...

pristine christine