Surviving Winter 101

Fuzzy_socks{Fuzzy Pink Socks from Korea}

It's never fun having cold feet, especially on your wedding day.  If you haven't heard already, Winter in regions other than California has been unusually chilling.  Regardless of where you live though, the winter air gives you the shivers.  No one wants to walk around in marshmallow coats or thick socks.  But what must be done must be done.  In fact, fuzzy socks with cute designs and funky colors can commit no wrong.  Adorn your feet with a pair at home and pop a tangerine or two into your mouth for a dose of Vitamin C.  Thankfully, we have a tangerine tree, so I have the luxury of just visiting my backyard.

Tangerines{Winter Haves: Tangerine, Bon Appetit, Starbucks Gold Card}

Although the Starbucks Gold Card is really only a plastic trinket to prod consumers into buying more goods from the mega chain, I feel a sense of gratification while staring at the card's glitter and shine.  Starbucks is definitely not a favorite.  However, in dire situations (all-nighters, plane rides, long car rides...), grabbing a cup of Americano and a spiced biscotti from this Seattle-based coffeehouse seems more than ideal.

As today marks the birthday of a beloved friend, I want to wish her a happy birthday.  I sincerely hope that I dropped off her gift at the right kiosk slot...

LOVE, pristine christine