Fave Fours/Fives: Foodie's Life & V-Day Gifting


Who says Valentine's Day can't be a time when single girlfriends gather and share gifts with each other?  For both the single ladies and those who eagerly hope to be surprised by their men on V-day, I impart these words: Happy Gifting and Happy Dining!  Gather food inspirations from Stacey Sun and Zoe Nathan and gifting ideas from below.  

1. The Photo Journey of a Food Connoisseur Stacey Sun (Instagram)
2. Following Baker and Restauranteur Zoe Nathan--genius behind Huckleberry, Sweet Rose Creamery, and Milo + Olive in Santa Monica (Instagram)
3. Your lady friends will appreciate this light, citrusy scent from fresh (30 mL for $48, 100 mL for $88)
4. Enjoy the night with some wine and sweets on Valentine's Day (Champagne Petit Fours, $55)
5. Monogram that bag with personal initials to make it one of a kind ($258 with monogram)

I personally wouldn't mind receiving a box of Champagne Petit Fours from a charming fella, but that's just my single-soul speaking.  Have a beautiful Friday, and I'll see you back here in a couple hours with more Super Bowl shareable snack tips.

pristine christine