Monday Musings: Current Food Faves

And here is a toast to the first of the Monday Musings series! Monday Musings, Tough Tuesdays, Wednesday's Where, Throwback Thursdays, Friday Fashion.  Sounds good to me! Today's Monday Musings: my current top five favorite food.

Image1. Dark chocolate covered edamame: While I do loathe most forms of chocolate, I cannot resist dark chocolate (yes, I even savor 90% dark).  Dark chocolate covered almonds and cashews are a particular favorite treat of mine, but I decided to giveTrader Joe's new dark chocolate covered roasted edamame.  I must give a fair warning that this particular sweet requires an acquired taste.  You won't be hit with any extra sweetness or saltiness. Instead, you'll experience a sort of nuttiness.  Some may dislike the lack of flavor, but I actually prefer the strong decadence of dark chocolate that's accentuated by the edamame.  There's a slight hint of charcoal/fire from the roasting and that crunch from the drying, which I absolutely love!

2. Honeydew: Honeydew is definitely in this season!  Figs may be out, but this green melon rakes in the raves.  Succulent and sweet, cubed honeydew gushes in your mouth.  Refrigerating them in plastic containers is a brilliant way to prepare healthy snacks ahead of time.  Splash these remaining summer days with some of this juicy fruit because Fall is just around the corner!

3. Biscotti: What I would do for the perfect biscotti... I don't even need coffee to relish my biscotti.  I personally love ones with pistachios or almonds.  It's rare for Asians to like biscotti, but my mom and I aren't your conventional Asians (as kids, we both loved grabbing a bite of good pastries over rice... we'll say yes to baguettes over rice any day!), meaning we treat ourselves to biscotti and Americano every day... (that is, if we're not eating anything sweet that day)

4. Fig jam: Some places like Trader Joe's call it fig butter.  Let me tell you a secret--fig jam with brie cheese equals magic.  Spread a slice of brie cheese from France onto a brioche toast cracker and add a dollop of fig jam on top.  I'm dying inside already.  It's a shame that all good things must be enjoyed in modicum.  Otherwise, these hips would expand too much (ladies, do you feel me?).  A glass of red wine for those wrestling with high cholesterol levels will conclude the best night!

5. Almond butter: Seriously, almond butter outperforms peanut butter.  Again, just because almond butter offers greater health incentives than peanut butter does not mean you can binge on spoonfuls of it!  A tablespoon of almond butter on toasted bread or English muffin (better yet, bananas!) creates a balanced combination of sweet and salty, creamy and crunchy.  There's a certain, unexplainable richness to almond butter that lacks in peanut butter.  The aftertaste is palatable and sophisticated as well.  Both Trader Joe's and Whole Foods sell a gamut of almond butter, and if you're like me, you will certainly have fun browsing through all the different brands.  Remember, check the ingredients and nutrition label! It's better to opt for organic and one that hasn't been dry roasted (or has been to a lesser degree) because the almond butter then retains its nutritional value to the maximum.

Hope you enjoyed your Mondays! Toasts to a new beginning!

Yours Truly, Pristine Christine