Favorite Five Links: Career, Food, Coffee

My foodie lifestyle has led to abundant adventures in Chicago and Los Angeles in the last 6 years. I love visiting small pop-up cafes, coffee shops, and all the "must" restaurants. Now, food and coffee seem completely unrelated to work or career decisions, right? Hear me out.

I'm passionate about culinary art and nutrition, but this does not mean I am going to become some restaurant venture capitalist. I'm a digital enthusiast, but this does not mean I will transform into a globe-trotting digital evangelist. Without a doubt, I will integrate my talents and passion to create something for the greater good. And for the last 3 years, my brain has been churning, trying to figure out how I can best leverage my gifts to add value to society while learning at the same time. 

During moments of intense cogitating, I can't help but to reflect on Ben Horowitz's words:

"...my recommendation would be follow your contribution. Find the thing that you’re great at, put that into the world, contribute to others, help the world be better and that is the thing to follow."

At first, you may be taken aback and defensively retaliate; I certainly  did not respond too well at first. But the more I thought about it though, the more I began to agree with Horowitz: We need to differentiate hobby from passion, and passion from contribution. They're not necessarily mutually exclusive. However, the three are distinct in their own ways.  Hopefully, my unnecessarily philosophical statements provide you with something to chew on. 

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Pristine Christine