Two Thousand Fourteen in a Nutshell

Two Thousand Fourteen: A year of unforgettable adventures. When one season ends, another transpires, but we should never bid farewell to the former with a remorseful or regretful heart. Without a doubt, we each endure daily struggles and overcome several tribulations. However, the lessons learned and growth achieved after every process leave a rather sweet taste in the mouth. We're all human--we err more often than we wish. And while it is true that we live in a society that tries to conceal any blemishes, we also have the ability to surround ourselves with people who help us grow by learning from our mistakes and teaching us to utilize those experiences as powerful tools. This, in fact, was the reiterative theme of my Two Thousand Fourteen. Rather than recapping the major events of 2014, I want to take the time to thank various people (not that all of them would read this post) and share twelve reminders and lessons I carried with me throughout two thousand fourteen.

1. Even a pearl must learn to hold back tears. 2. Life changes every 20 feet. 3. "Most failures are not due to bad technology but due to people." 4. Listen, and listen, again. 5. I'm half a person, so we can squeeze 4 people in the back of a cab in India. 6. Embrace resilience. Be resilient. 7. Lean not on your own understanding. 8. If you fail, make your failure worthwhile. 9. Treat every adversity as an adventure and opportunity. 10. Perception is only half-reality. 11. Be true to yourself. 12. Never compromise your values and dreams. A season exists for everything.

The closing of 2014 would not be complete without saying thank you to certain people. These individuals have traveled this 12-month-long journey with me at different periods, but they have all impacted my growth and encouraged me in their respective ways-- The big guy up above, my mother (best friend and role model), my father, my brother, Ashley, Meesoh, Amanda, Paula, Jeanette, Daniel, Angel, Michael, Tina, Eric (Ricdrizzle), Dr. Jina K., Kevin, Connie, Catherine, Karlo, Jim Jim, Jordan, Brandan, Raman, Michael S., Josue, Jessica, Yugant, Steve, Nanci, Brittney O., Tony, Mark, Brittney G., Rob, Doris, Nicole, Armen, Jonathan, Pastor Tim, Pastor Ben.

Cheers to a glamorous 2015! On that note, I cannot wait to see you, again, Chicago!