Seasonal Transitions and Transformations

Persimmon-dates Thanksgiving's just around the corner, and Christmas is just a little over a month away as well. The hybrid of autumn and winter air grows more prominent as we inch closer to the holidays. The full withdrawal from summer causes a shift in the fresh produce that we purchase--maybe not as much for us Californians but a shift most definitely occurs. To name a few, apples, pears, figs, squash, and pumpkin are in season. I love my figs, apples, and squash, but I also enjoy eating persimmons and dates. The dark orange and golden tints of their skin embrace and represent the season quite well. If you remember, last December, I shared a simple recipe to a healthy and scrumptious persimmon snack (click the link!). Chef Travis Lett truly deserves the credit though.

Creamer-decorWhile I am not one to shy away from traditional autumn colors--orange, yellow, red, brown--or flavors, I also like to incorporate some bright, earthy tones.

My mom, who inspires me in countless ways, constantly teaches me the art of transformation. She suggested that we take one of our beautiful creamers, crafted in France, and transform it into a mini-vase. We grabbed a few branches from our berry bush and filled the creamer with them. The contrast between the glossy white and matte forest green adds character to both the room and our vintage cherry red oak bench.

Thank you, everyone, for supporting me and this blog for the past year. If anything, Petite Bites documents much of my journey post-college. My end-goal has always been to empower and inspire people through the simplest means without imposing high costs (I say "high," because time is still a cost!). I promise not to abandon you or Petite Bites even if work becomes increasingly busy. Thank you, again!