Falling Forward on a Tuesday Morning


It's almost three weeks into August, and already, I feel excited for the upcoming season. I am ready to take out my cashmere sweaters, knit hats, scarves, and boots. More importantly, I have every reason to wear my favorite colors: gray, charcoal/black, camel, navy. This Fall, we see bursts of bright tones here and there as cobalt blue and yellow--along with various shades of gray, black, and brown--take the spotlight. If I could critique one trend though, it would be the clogs. Designers and the media have successfully marketed clogs as the fall item to buy, but I fail to see the investment value in them. However, a hybrid of open-toed clogs and booties rightfully deserves attention. A pair would serve well for years, as they strike the perfect balance between classic and modern. Another personal favorite are leather trousers. You can opt for either casual or business by changing tops--chic white tee at night and silk blouses in the day. From stilettos to sandals to booties, matching shoes with these versatile trendy trousers will hardly be a problem. For the final touch, Essie's cobalt blue nail polish will do the trick. 

In the meantime, relish the last of summer and enjoy Taco Tuesday! Eat all the guacamole and avocado you can for me. 

Sending 5 am Love,

P.S. Can you believe that I'm spending my fourth week in Mumbai? Tempus fugit! Time flies...