Brunchin' It Up: Weekend Parcels


The weekend is here, and it feels wonderful to wake up without being bogged down by a 9-hour agenda. I love turning on some morning jams and grabbing brunch (yes, this is in addition to my light breakfast. A working girl needs to eat!). I'm not too keen on indulging in heavy meals, so what I consider to be an ideal brunch would consist of enjoying a perfect cup of coffee with anything related to french toast, pancakes, frittatas, bagels, and gourmet sandwiches. My mom and I found every part of our time at Manhattan Beach Post lovely--the coffee, food, and ambiance.The light, creme fraiche complemented the cinnamon and preserved peaches, while the crunchy marcona almonds added a whole new texture to each bite. During the phone calls that my mom and I have had thus far, she has expressed how much she misses me and our dates. I, too, feel the same and anxiously anticipate my return to the states. Could this be another symptom of homesickness? Possibly. All I know is that I could use some quality mother-daughter time right now. 

Lethargy seems to settle in more quickly and frequently these days, but since I loathe taking naps, I'm usually trying to keep myself awake at the desk. As we millennials like to say, "Hashtag strugglebus."  

Cheers to a relaxing weekend! Bring out the tunes and griddle. I, for one, treated myself out to a splendid meal at the Palladium Hotel and could not be any more satisfied.