Dealing with Homesickness

HONY_1It's not easy living out of a suitcase day-in and day-out. Moreover, traveling from hotel to the office every day fuels an accelerated process of emotional and physical taxation. Packing and unpacking, unpacking and packing become less exciting as boarding on the next flight to the final destination soon transforms into a routine. As much as I had grown accustomed to the rituals of packing and unpacking every 3 months, this is a whole new matter. I suppose you can call the final product homesickness. No matter how old I am, I immediately feel comforted by the warm embrace of my parents. And that's what I long for. I miss my younger brother's hugs in the morning as he greets me in a groggy state. I miss hearing my parents cheerfully chime, "Good morning, sweety." 

What helps reduce the homesickness is hearing from friends and family. They send messages, inquiring about my welfare and updating me on their lives. In fact, a close friend from college (also my former roommate) never fails to check in with me. She, a born and bred New Yorker, sent me a copy of Humans of New York for my birthday. If anyone knows me, she will know of my affinity for books and photo journals, so receiving this package was a pleasant surprise. I never managed to post my slightly nebulous snapshot of the gift, but it seems appropriate to share it now. 

Here's to another eventful day of monsoon rain and enduring jet lag, mates!

Until next time,