Monday Monsoon: Before Summer's Over

SummerStatement This summer, things have been--for the lack of a better word--unpredictable. Then again, as someone once said to me, my career epitomizes unpredictable. The two weeks spent in Atlanta (or Peachtree City to be more accurate) are 14 days I would not exchange for anything else in the world. Admittedly enough, I was slightly overwhelmed by the overbearing humidity upon walking out of the airport. However, I loved every moment of my time in Georgia. I met some of the best colleagues, whom I now call my friends, during training and I feel blessed to have met them. While saddened that we'll be in different parts of the country, I do look forward to our reunion and our chats online. I can't even begin to imagine what my remaining time in India will look like. It's a shame that I had to miss a beloved friend's wedding--which I had been highly anticipating to attend for the past year--because of my trips.

In a sense, I feel like a wanderlust, but I know that I'm also partly a homebody. While I will always call Los Angeles my home, I grow less familiar with the city every time I hop on an airplane. And that's quite okay with me because more than the physicality of landmarks, the emotions associated with the roads driven and buildings entered carry greater significance. Despite such, I still become defensive and protective when someone insults Los Angeles; its rich culture--even without the high rises and bustling city life--embodies a distinct charm. Then, there's Chicago--the city that has grabbed a part of my heart. From the dreadful winds to nose-dripping winters to falling autumn leaves to budding spring blossoms, I appreciate everything about Chi-town. Both the people and dynamic environment of its suburbs as well as metropolitan niche are oddly luring. How much of my allegiance lies with each city is difficult to say, but one thing is certain: Wherever the destination may be, there's always summer. And as we approach August, Summer prepares to bid farewell and Fall readies to sweep through the doors. So, before ending our relationship with Summer 2014, I hope you can enjoy the last sun-filled days with much leisure and freedom.

Sending monsoonic love from India, LovePristineChristine