Thursday Tip: Just a Simple White Tee

FarmersMarket_fashion The one thing that I appreciate about Southern California weather is that it rarely hinders me from visiting a Farmer's Market.  In Chicago, such was not the case.  Los Angeles and I share a love-hate relationship, as I constantly teeter-totter between, "Los Angeles, I love how you calm my soul," and "Why are you so superficial?"  But when it comes to sharing cultural wealth, this city does a commendable job of doing so.  And having a brother who attends USC, I seize opportunities to indulge in such wealth.  A while back, I took a trip to the Trojan Farmer's Market on campus and enjoyed visiting each booth.  I returned home with a bag full of berry kettle popcorn and rustic loaf of bread (no preservatives!) while my brother feasted on his very first pupusas.


For me, Farmer's Market means dressing down than up.  A simple white tee and perfect pair of denim does the trick.  (If I were to conclude based on what my dad, brother, and guy friends say, then I must affirm the claim that men find women attractive when they throw on a white shirt and jeans.)  Since cat's eye sunglasses are coming back next season, ditch those overrated aviators and grab these feminine sunnies instead.  And if you're anything like me at the Farmer's Market, do yourself a favor and carry a Lo & Sons bag (fashionable + utilitarian).  Whether you're a college girl or working woman who travels, you will find the bag to be useful (space for camera, laptop, and/or shoes + attachable to suitcase).


Happy Thursday, and I'll see you, soon.  LovePristineChristine