Spring from Head to Toe


I literally feel and taste spring every day now, which hypersurges--yes, this is a made up word--my happiness level by a factor of at least 10!  From the luscious strawberries to the gangling but sweet chrysanthemum coronariums, spring gives joy to my palate.  However, changing seasonal produce isn't the only exciting part of the sun-filled quarter.  Transition in colors add to the thrill as well.  This Spring, we shift to pastels and gold.  From my humble perspective, it's not wise to splurge on pastel-tone clothes for two main reasons.  One, not everyone can rock pastels (figure out whether your face is warm-tone or cool-tone).  Two, they're less likely to be classics that will endure several seasons.  Instead, consider redirecting the focus to your extremities--fingers, toes, hands, head.  Check out my guide to Spring/Summer'14 Must Haves.   


1. Color-blocked pastel clutches 
2. Bucket bags (similar)
3. Glitter & mint nail polish (Opi, Jamberry)
4. Gold cocktail rings, statement necklaces, bangles
5. Baby blue espadrilles (Zara)

I'm rather ecstatic to share these next series of posts.  Stay tuned to catch a glimpse of a day at USC's Farmer's Market and to learn about my ideal outfit on casual days. :)