Playful Plating with Luscious Greens

My brother's latest complaint has been that the memory card for our DSLR has been overloaded with my photos.  I dramatically put on my teary-eyed face and plead, "But... it's such a difficult task, selecting the best one... help, please?"  I'm getting there... slowly.  I promise!  The next posts will increasingly exemplify the beauty of spring and summer. Speaking of which, spring naturally inspires everything green.  A number of "foodies" and chefs scoff at the idea of creating dishes that highlight vegetables, which makes me question how they can call themselves lovers of food.  Now, while I do love my variety of salads, I also believe in being innovative with our green friends.  (Ladies, please do not put yourself through "salad only" or "no-carb" diets.)  A month ago, I took the liberty of running our kitchen operations and cooked up something on the whim--Gold (金) Gama [금가마], which pays homage to my ancestor King Gyeongsun (金傅) of Silla and to my Korean heritage.  The crab shumai--symbolizing the king--sits atop his vast territory while being carried by a gama (aka "litter"),  an invention that came generations later, which is represented by the asparagus box.  Wow, that was a hefty sentence, wasn't it? Image




 And the elaborate details on asparagus' functionality don't stop there! Two weeks ago, my brother craved for some risotto, and Mama Kim cooked up magic with her asparagus risotto.  Nowadays, chefs opt for farro in their recipes as a way to promote healthy eating, but we decided to use genmai brown rice instead.  Surprisingly, the nuttiness from the genmai is similar to that of farro, and we may even prefer the Japanese grain for its more refined taste.  Most importantly, our friends reggiano and parmesan added the last touch to the final product.  Two words: amazing, addicting.  All of us spooned for more to our stomach's content.  :)  We tried both family-style and individual plates of risotto, and if you're looking to create a fun evening of dining, then consider family-style.

I hope you're enjoying this fantastic Tuesday weather (sorry, Chicagoans, I know that the bizarre snow rained on your parade...)!  Tomorrow, I'll update you on ways to incorporate this Spring and Summer colors to your outfit!