Friday Fave5 and a Belated Valentine Update


1. I left a piece of my heart with the croissants at Tartine.
2Brian Williams raps like a master (The Late Night Show)
3. Mil & Bird's deep royal blue tote (
4. Pointed skimmer flats are the rage this spring and summer.  You can find a cute pair from Madewell!
5. Flare jeans steal the spotlight this spring.  Fashion repeats itself.
6. We're winding back to the 90s with style.  Flare jeans, check. Crop tops, check.  Zara's black knit crop top flatters all body types (pear, hourglass, apple), and they'd look absolutely adorable with jeans, skirts, and shorts. (

Valentines_Card_DadMom{Heartfelt card and message from Daddy-O to Mama Bear + gift not pictured}

Esther_Lee_Letter{A Valentine of my own sent by a dear sister back from my alma mater}

Happy belated Valentine's Day!  Whether you're single or in a relationship, I hope all of you enjoyed last Friday regardless.  In fact, there's nothing sinful about indulging in rich fondue as a single lady unless you're coddled by both decadent chocolate fondue and bewitching cheese fondue simultaneously.  Guilty enough, my family and I treated ourselves to chocolate fondue made with 100% Belgian chocolate and to a heavenly mixture of white wine and gruyere and swiss cheese fondue.  Tyler Florence and Nigella Lawson share recipes I personally love, but as an avid Nigella follower, I can't help but to show a slight bias toward hers.

I wish I could elucidate on the details of my pitch perfect Valentine/President's Day Weekend in San Francisco because every aspect of the trip was truly a blessing.  We left the quaint, winding city with a newfound fondness for two things--Gialina Pizzeria and Tartine Bakery.  Crazy to say, we--lovers of bread and Italian cuisine--willingly waited 30 minutes to grab a bite of both and left not a bit disappointed.  We concurred that Gialina ranks at the top with Gjelina in terms of serving fantastic pizza baked the right way and that Tartine's buttery croissants will have anyone vying for more.

Happy Friday!  

pristine christine