Daily Delights: Oyako Donburi, Mini Pecan Tarts


{Mama Kim's special oyako donburi, a meal I always relish}


{My third... or maybe it was fourth cousin... visited Southern California with a batch of homemade mini pecan tarts.  Imagine a 70-somewhat-year-old woman baking!}

 As I prep for my move to San Fran and think about my 5-week trip to India, a number of forgotten realizations engross me--with one being that food is synonymous to memorable stories for me.  Each meal encapsulates a unique emotion and history.  While I have mastered the art of cooking and pan-frying fish among other culinary skills, I am nowhere near being the master chef that mom is.  She can whip up a plate of exquisite homemade basil pesto spaghetti with such grace and bake a pan of rosemary focaccia with absolute deftness.  Behind the kneading, precise cutting, boiling, seasoning hides an unimaginable rich lineage--we not only inherit our ancestral knowledge of food but the family heirloom of love as well.  And what makes every component of my meal at home special is--well, taste, most definitely--the care and dedication put into creating it.  Although I'll be lingering in my parents' nest for another two months, I already know that I will long to hear chatter at the family table in the midst of satiating our voracious appetites.  And I most certainly will miss pampering my taste buds with a bowl of Mama Kim's steaming hot oyako donburi on a dreary day.  

Stay warm and healthy, everyone!

LOVE, pristine christine