Super Bowl Devine Munch: Let Me Fix You a Sammie

SuperBowl_SandwichSuper Bowl Sunday is finally here.  Our family has prepped for this day--chicken wings, tortilla chips, french onion dip, lentil dip, nuts, and brie cheese.  Yes, I am that person who spreads brie onto her rosemary crisp.  Judge me all you want for not binging on the chips, but how can brie not be welcome at any event?  If asked to pick one favorite, I'd say the Belletoile brie from France would be the one.  Oddly enough, brie makes a great cheese to use for the ultimate comfort food: grilled cheese sandwich.  And, well, Super Bowl means bringing your A-Game to the table. Gourmet Grilled Cheese Sammie in less than 10 minutes.

{CRANBERRY BRIE PEAR SANDWICH} INGREDIENTS Rustic Bread (Sourdough or Rosemary Bread will do) Fresh Cranberry Sauce Sliced Pears Brie Cheese

The subtle saltiness from the cheese, sweet and tarty from the sauce, fresh and light taste of the crunchy pear, and chewy texture of the bread come together perfectly, as a nice balance of flavors burst in your mouth.  Ugh, too good!  Trust me on this one; I am the Sandwich Queen.

Let's go Seahawks!

LOVE, pristine christine