New Series: Fave Fours


{1. J.Crew Cocoon Coat; 2. Cookie Dough Oreos debut on Feb. 3; 3. Carrot Cake with Figs; 4. Pleats}

1. I've been impressed with J.Crew's coat collection but not so much with their other collections.  The cocoon coats are selling like hot cakes! 2. Marshmallow Crispy and Cookie Dough Oreos?!  Maybe they're perfect for post-victory or post-loss munchies after Superbowl Sunday... 3. I'd love to take a bite out of some carrot cake with ginger honey figs.  Take note that this cake uses figs, honey, and ginger--three things I love! 4. Pleats, florals, and pastel are "so in" this spring, and they're the least cringe-worthy trends of the upcoming season.  Pleats, pleats, pleats!  I rarely wear non-pleated skirts.  

Happy Thursday!  I hope you're staying warm with hot brews of tea and coffee!

LOVE, pristine christine