The Year of the Horse: Glitz and Glam


2014 is the year of the "green horse," or as Koreans say 백말.  I'm never one to believe in the astrology predictions, but I do find reading them to be a great source of entertainment when learning more about East Asian culture, especially when my ancestry roots from Korea's Silla royals.  Sometimes, these horoscopes are more fun than fashion trends.  However, this spring's fashion looks more promising than winter's.  Runways and experts confirm the rebirth of pastel colorsmetallicsflorals, and mini bags.  {pastels}: Unless you're a model with slender, long legs, avoid pastel colored pants.  Instead, go for pastel sweaters, coats, or tops.  For apple-shape bodies, pastel skirts would be the most flattering; pastel sweaters/coats and dark bottoms complement pear-shaped bodies best.  As for the hour-glass body types, I'd recommend pastel dresses to accentuate the curves. {flower power}: For once, the floral trend may not be overbearing.  Floral prints on tops suit only certain body frames, but you can't go wrong with floral prints on skirts.  Or, use your imagination and incorporate some floral through accessories.  Boticca offers a varied selection of jewelry and other accessories, and I personally like this Lotus Ring and Flower Bloom Necklace. {let it shine}: Go metallic, but don't overdose on it. {eeny-MINI-miney-moe}: Remember the mini crossbody and shoulder bags that you purchased a few seasons ago and found them to be unpractical?  Well, now is the time to bring them out.  Leave the makeup at home and pack lightly--literally.

To end my post on a sweet, sweet note, I want to share with everyone these delectable scones that I baked.  A good friend of mine sent me a package of scone mix as a Christmas gift, knowing how much I enjoy baking and indulging in them.  The subtle peppermint flavor balances the sweetness of the chocolate chips, creating a much different taste than what I had imagined (for the better)!  The best part, though, is the fact that the scones actually taste like scones: light, fluffy on the inside, and crusty on the outside.  They're not the sugary, frosted kind found at Trader Joe's or Panera.  Some tea and scones? Yes, please.

Image{Peppermint Chocolate Chip Scones}

Cheers to a bright new year!

LOVE, pristine christine