Where's Wednesday?: It's Gettin' Cold, Baby


Oh, baby, its getting cold outside!  Let's turn on the lights and revel the scintillating beauty of Christmas as we help ourselves to a generous serving of Pat Jook (Red Bean porridge) and oven-roasted/baked golden sweet potatoes.  For me, nothing speaks Winter than bundling up and merrily downing a spoonful of Pat Jook.  Personally, I'm not too keen on sweets, so I prefer my porridge without sugar; but if you're more of a sweets person, then add a moderate amount of sugar to the boiling pot. PahtJookPAT JOOK: Sweet Rice Flour (for the rice balls), Red Bean, Water, Glutinous Rice, Salt [optional: sugar]

SweetPotatoAnd a cold, winter day wouldn't be complete without hot golden sweet potatoes, freshly out of the oven.  My favorite parts are the caramelized areas that you find after peeling the skin.  How can you go wrong with roasted sweet potatoes and chestnuts? :)

Stay warm and cozy, everyone.  However, I must still ask, "Do you want to build a snowman?"  (yes, that was a reference to the movie Frozen. Please don't actually jump into a pile of snow in this weather.) Enough of my banter.  Have a good night until tomorrow...

LOVE, pristine christine