The Art of Giving


I hope you haven't missed me too much!  Much has been happening in my life, and I haven't had the chance to sit down and type away continuously since last Wednesday! Thanks for remaining loyal to the blog, everyone!

In the midst of all the frenzy during this holiday season, we tend to swim in a sea of stress.  As we frantically race to finish our shopping and event planning for Christmas, we forget the most important fact: The greatest gift is love, and sometimes, this love appears in the form of sacrifice.  So, whether we're buying a present for a loved one or writing a heartfelt message to a friend, let us remember that it's not the cost or size of the gift that matters.  The heart behind the act holds greater value.

While I could purchase my brother another game console, I chose to find the perfect beanie for him instead.  Sure, the fact that he wanted another one played a part in my decision, but I also wanted him to feel love embedded in every thread of the cashmere beanie whenever he wears it to class on a Winter day.  The extra cherry on top is that beanies have returned as the hip accessory that every boy and girl wants.  I personally love the cobalt hue and charcoal mix of this beanie.  More importantly though, may my gift keep his head insulated! CardsNow that I've graduated college, I honestly didn't think my friends would still have time to send me Christmas cards.  A flutter of shock--the good kind--zinged me when I initially rummaged through today's mail.  My friends graciously wrote uplifting Christmas cards to me, and I grew enormously encouraged as I read each one.  I always appreciate a thoughtful note.  Then again, who doesn't?

Speaking of receiving, maybe it's because we're in a season of giving, but  I mysteriously received a $500 gift card from an anonymous sender yesterday (and yes, I checked the validity of it!).  To be quite frank, I'm not sure how to respond.  I don't think I could allow myself to use the card until I solve the mystery... regardless, I would like to say thank you.

Again, thank you to each and every one of you as well!  Petite Bites would not have grown as much without your support.  I'll see you back here tomorrow!

LOVE, pristine christine