Monday Musings on a Tough Tuesday

Happy Monday and Tuesday, everyone! It has been rather hectic in our home lately, especially with the imminent holidays.  Yesterday, I roamed around USC while my brother attended his orientation session, and I was absolutely drained afterwards (view the collage below to see what I wore to USC on a freezing winter day in SoCal).  The frigid weather only added to the exhaustion, but I shouldn't be complaining as it was 0 degrees in Chicago.  Yikes!

If you recall, I purchased Susan Cain's Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can't Stop Talking, and so far, I am thoroughly enjoying reading the book.  Understanding the revolution behind societal construction of introvert vs. extrovert, I came to question the current methods of interviewing candidates.  In lieu of all this cogitating, I want to share with you my favorite links this week--

1. Be Happy: The overlooked blessings are usually awesome ones. 2. Munch on some snowballs: I am definitely trying this recipe out! 3. Best Films of 2013: Do you agree or disagree? 4. Nutcracker Handcrafted in Germany: My mom and I are the types to grow finicky over details.  We pay close attention to the craftsmanship of any product.  Germany, which boasts of brilliant craftsmen, has always been known for its beautiful nutcracker dolls.  For years, my mom has been hunting for a German-made nutcracker figure, and by chance, we came across Steinbach's last week! Perfect for our setup in front of the fireplace.  The narrative? Story of Christ with the nutcracker guard protecting Christmas.  The little joys of preparing to celebrate such a glorious day are what we love about the countdown leading to Christmas.  This sharp wind and sniffling-inducing weather is telling of Winter...

Cardigan_CoatVince Cardigan Coat | Madwell Denim | Beanie | Topshop Sorts | Navy Opaque Tights | Watch

Winter has unofficially finally arrived in Southern California, and I can now fully dress in thick sweaters and coats without sticking out like a sore thumb.  Forecasts say that the weather will warm up, again, next week. But I am secretly crossing my fingers for the opposite since there's no fun in forever wearing summer and fall clothes.

Time to snuggle up in bed! Until tomorrow then...

LOVE pristine christine