Friday Fun: Oodles of Noodles Part I

JapchaeAfter contemplating between sharing my mom's secret pasta and a Korean dish called Japchae, I opted for the latter.  Tonight, we're delving into my ancestral roots.

Now, I struggle to digest most types of sesame oil and garlic (remember GERD from my earlier posts?), but I have to say Korean garlic incites the worst refluxes.  My mom, too, wrestles with these problems (she even battled against ulcers in the past...) and understands the discomfort.  Hence, she modifies every traditional delicacy to my diet.  Well, given that I love mushrooms and these precious fungi possess enormous health benefits, my mom exerted her culinary creativity into whipping up an appetizing meal of garlic-free Mushroom Japchae; she only uses sesame oil that has been extracted/pressed once (most sesame oil usually goes through the process multiple times).  Although this particular sesame oil comes at a hefty cost, the benefits outweigh the costs for us, so I highly recommend the product!

INGREDIENTS CJ Glass Noodles Spinach Shiitake mushrooms Beechwood mushrooms Pine mushroom Sweet onions CJ 백설 진한참기름 (extracted once) Soy Sauce Granulated sugar (optional) Toasted sesame seeds

Unlike the Buhsut (Mushroom) Japchae, the traditional version includes thinly slice carrots as well.  Aside from the vibrant colors, the other great thing about Japchae is that it nourishes our bodies with fiber, antioxidants, carbohydrates, iron, magnesium, and various vitamins.  I speak truth!

Kids will have oodles of fun, playing with the vegetables and noodles in their bowls, while adults will certainly appreciate the melody of earthy flavors.  The only disaster that could occur when experimenting in the kitchen is Japchae with superfluous amounts of sesame oil.  Simply remedy the situation by mixing a bit of Sriracha sauce.  So, be adventurous and explore Korea at home because there's nothing more exhilarating as traveling to another country with the entire family.

Stay warm and bundled up! Until the next series of Oodles of Noodles...

LOVE, pristine christine