Where's Wednesday & Throwback Thursday: Looking Back on 2013


Looking back on the year 2013 so far, we've experienced quite a number of events.  The Dow Jones hit 16,000 pts, and NASDAQ closed above 4,000 pts for the first time in 13 years.  Twitter publicly offered its shares.  Typhoon Yolanda struck the Philippines.  In the midst of all the global highs and lows, the fashion industry has seen its hits and misses as well.  Although this isn't the first time that we've seen peplums, zip details, or tassels/fringes, they definitely define the late 2012/2013 trends.  Even big names like RED Valentino, Elizabeth and James, and GUCCI slip.  Hey, no one's perfect, right?  But really, RED Valentino really needs to tone down on the frilliness (scallops on top of peplums and laces?) and awkward placement of these details--they make you look rather stocky.  On the other hand, Elizabeth and James manages to compensate for the misses with other phenomenal pieces unlike GUCCI.  For some reason, neither my mom nor I ever held a liking for the "G"-studded brand.  From clothing to bags to accessories, GUCCI leans toward the tacky side and away from classy.  Regardless, 2013 has been one heck of a ride, especially with graduation in June.  Caught up in the craze is also Billboard's Top 100, and DJ Earworm has released an impressive year-end's Top 25 mashup.  The 2013 mashup may be as cool as 2009's (perhaps even better).


I love reading reviews.  Better yet, I relish sharing my own critiques.  I promise tomorrow's post will be oodles of fun!  Friday Fun, ya dig?  Get ready for some holiday decor and noodles in the tummy! Until tomorrow...

LOVE, pristine christine