Tough Tuesday: I want my Vitamin C!


I must confess that my "go-to" snack is either fruit or nuts.  Being a life-long victim of GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease), I suffer from the consequences of indulging in these delicious, organic gems.  But they never stop me from gorging on the sweet harvests, especially in the winter time.  With another season of final exams and end-of-the-year stress breaking down our immune systems, it's vital to supplement our bodies with Vitamin C.  It always puzzled me why doctors branded oranges as the Vitamin C fruit when fruits such as persimmons exist!  Travis Lett, chef of Gjelina (one of our family's all time favorite restaurants), shared the recipe for this simple dish (see picture above) for winter.  I have four words for you: filling, nutritious, scrumptious, and easy. Drop those cookies and taste the PerYoP (Persimmon, Greek Yogurt, Pistachio).  You get your crunchy, sweet, and creamy for under 200 calories (ladies, you can thank me later).

1 Ripe Persimmon 1 Generous Dollop of Greek [Honey] Yogurt 1/4 tbsp Shelled Pistachios (Trader Joe's)

It's a great dessert to serve to guests after a heavy meal, and I am sure that their hearts will be grateful as well.

Have a wonderful evening, and I'll see you tomorrow.  

LOVE, pristine christine