Monday Musings: Patterns and Textures


{Max & Co. Bonded Wool Peacoat | Vince Stretch Skinny Jean | ZARA Leather Bermuda | Topshop Khaki Bermuda Shorts | Theory Burgundy/Wine Wool Skirt}

For the past month, I've been on a hunt for some type of outerwear, and I thought I had failed in my search until yesterday.  Knowing that I am a rather fastidious and resilient client, I enter stores with apologies already welling in my heart.  Sales representatives who recognize me immediately play a game of "I-Spy," searching for clothes that are perfect for me.  They know that neither my mom nor I buy a piece that is not a 100%  match.

I initially had no intentions of dropping by Max&Co., since nothing stood out to me during my visit the week before, but my mom nudged and gave me the "It doesn't hurt to see, again" look.  To my surprise, this beautiful peacoat grabbed both of our attention.  Chic, versatile, and wonderfully constructed.  One jacket left in my size--my name was written all over it.  The 20% discount was the extra cherry on top.

At home, my mom put on another mock fashion show in her bedroom: we coordinated various pieces that I own with the coat.  Denim, jeans, flared mini skirt, high-wasted bermudas, and winter shorts--they all complemented the newest addition to my wardrobe.  This gem will definitely be a keeper for years, and as Mama and Daughter Kim like to say, "Good investment."

Sometimes, peacoats can cause much dilemma because they may look "too wintery" or "too short for dresses."  But really, I find them to be much easier to mix-and-match with than most other outerwear.  You can never go wrong with jeans but any of these bottoms will do: a mini skirt (think slightly flared), something leather, structured ankle pants (for formal events), solid-colored knee-length dresses, or fall/winter bermudas.  Take a chance, and explore your closet.  There's no need in squandering money on unnecessary things.  Have fun, playing, and I'll meet you tomorrow for a case of Tough Tuesday: Indulging in Dem Vitamin C.

LOVE, pristine christine