Monday Musings: A Piece of Seattle

ImageThere is a season for work, and there is a season for rest.  With the holidays approaching, everyone seems to be rushing to finish errands so that they can fully enjoy Thanksgiving and Christmas.  From these California freeways to grandiose shopping malls, activity flourishes.  In the midst of all the bustling, I'm learning to make time for peace... with some freshly brewed coffee.

As coffee snobs, our family has come to realize that we, unfortunately, appreciate the Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee the most.  My mom and I casually sip our daily cup of Joe in a Lenox or Villeroy Boch cups in the morning.  However, I can now do so in a special mug from Seattle's Pike Place!  A dear friend of mine who works at Microsoft up in Washington sent me an endearing card and adorable Pike Place Starbucks mug.  I guess you can say that I have a part of Seattle and her with me here!

I truly feel thankful to have met her in college because she is, without a doubt, a valuable sister and friend.  It still feels strange to think that I can no longer grab lunch with her or run in the rain to watch a movie.  But I hope to visit her sometime and that we update each other about our lives face-to-face...

Hope you all have a good night.

LOVE, pristine christine