Friday Fun: Just Being a Book Worm


Sandro Quilted Jacket | Max&Co. Skirt | Marni Shoulder Bag | Oxford Shoes | DKNY Opaque Tights | Beanie

My copy of The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking arrived today thanks to Amazon Prime (the annual $79 fee is such a steal!).  I am guilty of my gluttony for books--buying numbers of them without realizing that I may not actually have the time to go through all of them in a year.  But this time, I promise the end result will be different!  I'm rather excited to dig into the nitty-grittiness of Susan Cain's insight as she explores the cultural aspect of introvertedness as well... all on a Friday night.  Yes, folks, today is Friday, meaning we are less than a week away from sharing our thanks over a homey, hearty meal!  My mom and I have been checking off items off our list as we slowly finish shopping for Thanksgiving.  And what better way to beat the rainy weather than to go out cheerily in style.  You may or may not remember that I wore my Max & Co. skirt with my knit sweater last week, but this weekend, I'm zipping up with my Sandro jacket, oxfords, and beanie.  Although California prides itself in being the sunny state, it too experiences the seasonal lows.

Given the drop in temperature, I very much prefer hanging out with my book tonight.  Happy Friday, everyone!

LOVE, pristine christine