Where's Wednesday: Heart of California

Where's Wednesday: Heart of California Vintage Cartier Shoulder Bag | Max & Co. Skirt | Chloe Cat's Eye Sunglasses | Pointed Pumps | Cable Knit Sweater | Fedora Hat

Yes, folks, Winter in LA is oddly warm this week. A few of us secretly cry for colder weather. I find it absolutely bizarre that it was in the high 80s today! ...and then, we're back to the high 60s, again, next week. I am not digging the bi-polarness, but I'm still making the most out of my winter wardrobe.

My mom "passed down" her Cartier shoulder bag to me 2 years ago, and the whole backpack craze makes slinging this gem over my shoulder rather hip. My winter Fedora and Max & Co. skirt all come together with the outfit as well. Personally, I'm not a fan of the patent leather shoe trend, but by all means, if you have clothing that is perfect for patent leather, then play mix-and-match!

In the meantime, I'm going to wash up and prep for bed. Good night!

LOVE, pristine christine