Weekend Whims: Play it Cool

WeekendFashionPHOTO CREDITS: StreetPeeper (Phil Oh), COLLAGE: pristine christine (me)

I spy hats, leather, and coats.  Three of my favorites spotted by StreetPeeper Phil Oh!  These ladies know how to coordinate classic with trendy so adeptly, and I would hope that these fashionistas inspire you a much as they inspired me.

If there are two things that occur naturally to me, they would be abridging and analyzing (doubleA!).  Breaking down today's fashion report, I am going to offer you the highlights: 1. BRIGHT SHOES (booties or pumps! Please save yourself the embarrassment from wearing tall boots in grotesque colors) 2. KNEE-LENGTH SKIRTS (perfect with knit sweaters and pumps this Winter) 3. LEATHER PANTS (yes, tuck in the blouse or shirt, girlfriends) 4. HATS (not everyone can pull of hats, but if you love and can kill hats as much as I do, then find your "it" Fall/Winter fedora) 5. COATS (ppsssttt... Isabel Marant x HM...)

I hope all of you find the weather's "cooling down" somewhat pleasant (hopefully, not too troublesome).  I, for one, finally have a reason to cozy up in bed at night.

Happy Veteran's Day!

LOVE, pristine christine