Tough Tuesday: Power Up

The world may throw a punch at you, and when it does, you have two options--either fall back down and continue planting your feet on the ground or muster the strength and rise again.  I choose the latter, but if I want to succeed the second time around, I need to receive proper training and learn how to recharge.  During the season of restoration, I must fuel my body with the right nutrients.  Certainly, at least one person out there must wonder how to energize the body correctly.  Well, if you're currently battling against a flu or dietary restrictions, then most definitely try out my recommendations below.  My mom deserves the credits, really.  (Note: Don't forget to squeeze in light snacks mid-afternoon: apple slices, greek yogurt with strawberries, boiled edamame, etc.)


2013-11-05 10.02.37

{Smoothie}: Blend 1/4 banana, 1/4 large Fuji apple (or 1/2 medium apple), a handful of spinach, 3 pineapple pieces, 5~7 honey sesame almonds, 2~3 strawberries, water [add greek yogurt if you want a creamier texture] {Not pictured}: Whole wheat toast + avocado + half a biscotti (substitute with anything light... if you have cravings for something sweet, satiate them earlier in the morning rather than late at night)

{LUNCH} 20131105_120621

{Chicken Lettuce Wraps}: Simple mushroom Japchae (Korean glass noodles), butter lettuce, herb grilled chicken, shredded cilantro, homemade daikon thins, pickled cucumber, Thai peanut sauce (mix Sriracha with peanut butter), Fusion Gochujang sauce (mix sesame seed oil and gochujang together)

{DINNER} Anything light but filling (ex. scrambled eggs + whole wheat toast + chicken breast/ham, soup, grilled salmon + asparagus + couscous, etc.)

After my hearty meals, I'm off to a session of barre workout now.  Power up, power up! Avere una buona giornata!

LOVE, pristine christine