Friday Fun: Walking in Winter Wonderland

Image Happy November!  Is it ever too early to start decorating for Christmas? :)  This year, my mom and I decided to skip the Thanksgiving decorations and start bringing out the Christmas goodies.  My mom and I had a little Friday Fun, shopping around for our Christmas tree! Lo and behold, we met success at Bloomingdale's!  We bought a new, gorgeous gold glitter star tree topper (similar to this but in gold glitter).  It's so perfect for our home and tree, and I cannot wait for us to finish beautifying our living room and fireplace area with Christmas decor!

With winter inching closer toward us, it's vital to maintain our health.  As much as we all love to binge on our guilt food from time to time, we need to consistently nourish our bodies with fresh fruits and vegetables.  Personally, I realized that a cup of mixed juice without any additives is ideal when I'm the go. (I highly suggest that you invest in a Nutribullet.  This nifty gadget deserves much accolade.)  One of my favorite combinations/recipes includes spinach, half a fuji apple, 3 pineapple pieces, water, and 8 honey sesame almonds.  Ditch the refined sugar--yes, this includes granola, cereal (unless it's whole wheat, oats, bran, etc.)--and opt for a healthier alternative.

Just for tomorrow though, I'll be trying gourmet tacos from Diablo Taco.  (Hey, I'm usually a healthy eater!)  We'll see whether they live up to the hype... Until tomorrow...

Happy Friday and November, everyone!

Love, pristine christine