Throwback Thursday: Nightmare Before Christmas


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As a huge fan of bizarrely inventive clay animations, I revere Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas (NBC) and films of the like (Coraline).  Growing up, I had a strange fascination for stop motion movies and clay animations, so whenever I see theaters showing Wallace and Gromit or a film of similar nature, I walk down memory line.  Speaking of NBC, Jack the Skeleton is such a fitting character for Halloween today! He is my main inspiration for today's throwback; probably more so because I'm venturing into the Hollywood area this weekend to catch the movie in 4D.  I miss sentimental animations like NBC and Nemo.  My personal gripe with most movies these days lies mainly in the compromise of inadequately developed plots for "stellar" computer graphics.  Does anyone else resonate with me?    

Well, I hope all of you had a safe night out tonight.  I'm definitely excited to try some gourmet tacos from Diablo in Silverlake on Saturday.  See you tomorrow!


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