Monday Musings: Sunshine in the Rain

ImageThe weather was quite strange today, but it only reaffirmed that Fall has arrived with intentions of staying.  Rain and cold can mean only thing: fun socks.  Serious business.  I have never been a huge fan of wearing socks, and I wish I knew why.  However, whenever I slip on  pair of fuzzy ones or cute-graphic socks, I love jumping around in them.  In Korea, a pair costs a mere $1 at max.  Here, we pay $10 for 4 pairs.  That's still not a bad deal, but percentage wise, the difference in prices reminds me yet again the principles of economics.  What I learned: products should be sold at 3 times the cost in order for any revenue and profit to generate.  


All this money talk leads me to my next tidbit of the day.  The press released photos of H&M's collaboration with Isabel Marant, and I would like to applaud Marant for sharing her creative genius with us.  The collection definitely exhibits more hits than misses.  While I am not too fond of the boots, I adore the trousers and vests.  Be ready to feast your eyes on these pieces on November 14!  

Until tomorrow... (going to Fishing with Dynamite with my brother tomorrow!)

Pristine Christine