Friday Fashion: Feel Good Friday


Kate Spade DARCEL ring | MANGO Cropped Slim Trousers | MANGO Combi Leather Bomber Jacket | Demy Lee Stripe Alexa Sweater | Converse Jack Purcell LP Slip On | Vintage Bally Italian Leather Shoulder Bag

Back when I interned at PBS, Casual Fridays were my favorite days because people did not crazily hustle and bustle in the office.  Thank goodness for seasons of rest!  Now, Black may say serious, but it also suggests a cryptic playfulness.  I call black my "go-to" color for its versatility.  Note the zipper details on black trousers, suede/leather combo on the bomber jacket, black stripes on white, and the smooth black Italian leather.  Only black possesses the ability to make the varying textures and designs look chic.  As my mom would say, "Black is classic."  

My mom is the type of parent who would hang her diamond necklace around her daughter's neck for Senior Prom.  She's the type who insists that I have her vintage Bally, Cartier, and Ferragamo bags.  Whenever I planned my returned back to school after break, my mom would pack the bags inside my suitcases.  I don't think I'll ever sell them unless desperate situations require me to do so; I want to pass them onto my own daughter as well.  Hopefully, she won't frown and carp, "Ew, who carries these bags nowadays?" 

Well, here's a toast to a wonderful Friday.  Dance the night away with some electronica music.


Pristine Christine