Tough Tuesday: Inspire Me

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'tis season to be jolly!  Apparently, Chicago has already hit the 30s and 40s.  My friends from the east (any Virginians or New Yorkers out there?) also tell me that the weather there has definitely grown colder.  Brrr!  I have already forgotten how true coldness feels.  The high 40s and low 50s in the morning and late evenings in beachy California make me shiver enough.  While I absolutely loathe carrying around my hot stone, the one thing I do appreciate about the change is that I actually want to snuggle up in my bed.  The next thing you know, my brain thinks at full speed and realizes that Thanksgiving and Christmas will sneak up behind our backs with much stealth.  Although I, at this point, refuse to welcome the fleeting nature of time, I embrace the jolliness that spreads from October to January.  I doubt I can emphasize nearly enough on how much fall and winter inspire and excite me.  So, even if your day happens to be tough today, may the prospects of celebrating, soon, brighten your days.  I hope you draw some admiration and inspiration as much as I did from Garance and David Foster Wallace!

1. Women in Heels: [youtube=] 2. This is Water: [youtube=]

Until tomorrow, Pristine Christine