Throwback Thursday: Back to Basics


The beauty behind proposals is not the lavish planning behind them.  The beauty lies in witnessing the love and investment that the prospective husband placed into creating a one-of-a-kind proposal for the luckiest girl of the night.  Seeing two people entering the first stages of commitment makes weeks of orchestrating worthwhile.  Wedding day finally arrives, and the bride walks down the aisle in pure white.  Today's Throwback Thursday goes back to the basics.


Spicy Love

Ingredients Alfalfa sprouts or microgreens picked radish thinly sliced persian cucumbers nori tuna sashimi mayonnaise Sriracha sauce sushi rice

1. Chop the tuna into pieces. Marinate them in a mixture of Sriracha sauce and mayonnaise. 2. Cut nori sheets into squares. 3. Wrap the sushi rice, alfalfa sprouts, sliced cucumbers, and spicy tuna in the nori. 4. A fun, homemade dinner of spicy tuna handrolls is prepared.

Wedding Inspiration: Winter Whites Winterwhites


Love, Pristine Christine