Where's Wednesday?: In the Pumpkin Patches

Any art activity helps me de-stress, and a completed project usually does more good than harm.  Given that it's Fall and pumpkin season, DIY pumpkin decor is the new craze.  Why not spend the evening feeling productive and creative?  Grab a bottle of tacky glue, gold spray paint, and a bottle of sparkling glitter.  Release the inner child and artist in you without restraints.  If you're like me and prefer minimalism, then try the following options: 1) Paint everything but the stem gold and draw glue lines on the pumpkin ribs. Cover glue with glitter,  OR 2) Spray pain the pumpkin and coat the stem in glitter. DIY_PumpkinNow, even if you're not from a major city (Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, New York, etc.), the chances of finding a pumpkin patch nearby are higher than you'd think.  Whether it's for a fun date, family event, or group activity, venturing off to the patches offers both intimacy and pleasure.  I'd skip the heels and go for a pair of derby sneakers (yes, ladies!).

Bottega_Madwell_TheoryWearing my Nike free runs, I like to go for strolls around the neighborhood.  And whenever I do, I see pumpkin-related things decorating the homes and lawns of my neighbors these days.  I relish seeing such a spirited community!  However, I believe in carrying holiday spirits inside as well.  If you love lighting seasonal candles as much as my mom and I, then purchase a Yankee Candle or two from Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  The candles from the Fragrance of the Month collection (Apple Pumpkin, Autumn Wreath, Spiced Pumpkin) are 25% off right now.

Cheers to this autumn day!

Love, Pristine Christine