Monday Musings: Fixing Something Gone Awry

There's something awfully soothing about tea time and the color yellow.  Exerting any negative energy into a positive activity such as boiling a pot of water for tea seems wise in my opinion, especially when things go awry.  Like anyone else, I, too, wake up each morning, hoping to start the day off on the right foot.  Sometimes, though, we encounter the unexpected that may put a damper on our moods.  Today may be one of those days oddly enough.  When preparing my cup of honey ginger tea, I try to remove all pessimism from my heart and say my thanks.  Thank you, Lord, for a new day and for the love surrounding me.  Maybe, I should call this the "Mellow Yellow" effect.  (*Insert audience's laughter*) My ideal Mellow Yellow outfit for Fall? Teasing with some mustard yellow.  Image

The Ferragamo Miss Vara bag reminds me of a dear friend whom I mentioned in my Friday post for two specific reasons.  One, she owns the Miss Vara in red.  Two, she sent me a video that features an upbeat song with sweet lyrics.  I'm not sure how familiar you are with Korean pop aka K-Pop, but the song will provide a snippet of what we call "idol groups."


Happy Monday, everyone! I'm off to the dentist in the morning!

Pristine Christine