Fashion Friday: Reinterpretations

Sometimes, I wonder whether women dress to impress men or to impress each other.  In each of us subsists an "alpha woman" complex albeit in varying degrees.  Much of it derives from the unfortunate fact that society, especially the male sex, evaluates a woman by looks first.  However, what gives me hope is the number of guys/men who seek a woman with a beautiful personality and character.  While the majority may invest in their appearance to allure men or to outcompete other women, some do so because fashion serves as their creative outlet.  We discover beauty and an epiphany when seeing the perfect pattern, matching colors, cuts, shapes, threading, and composition.  And sometimes, this applies to food as well, or what we could call food fashion.  In light of beauty and design, I wanted to share with you a few reads that, I believe, offer unconventional interpretations. 

1. "The Problem of Female Beauty." (NewYorker)
2. What Your Coffee Order Says about You (Food Republic)
3. French Classic, Éclair, as a Artistic Canvas (Food Republic)
4. Fonts Created Using Fried Eggs (
5. 9 Pasta Shapes to Learn and Memorize (Food Republic)
6. You are More than Beautiful Enough to Find Love (Thought Catalog)

A girlfriend of mine texted me not too long ago, wishing me a happy Friday.  She works and stays at her apartment in Wisconsin on the weekdays and drives back home to the suburbs of Chicago on Fridays.  At the end of her text, she wrote, "#feelingblessed."  Having family near us, being able to eat real food, and having the time to take a Sabbath are true blessings, yet we forget about them so often.  This leads me to my next point, "Carpe Diem!"  Enjoying life doesn't necessitate traveling to the Bahamas; it's the little things--going to the CSO (if you're in Chicago) or watching a Broadway show.  Unless you're 70 years old and have poor vision, grabbing a $20-30 seat is not a bad deal.  Go out with class: match a sleek black dress with a clutch.  As always, my philosophy is to avoid trends and follow classic lines.  BUT, owning a few trendy pieces, especially non-traditional clutches, comes in handy at the most unexpected times.  The question is, "Save or Splurge?" I will trust that you possess the aptitude to wisely assess your closet and financial situation!



Save vs. Splurge
Saves: 1. ASOS clutch with bar and zipper ($32), 2. New Look Monaco Metallic Foldover Clutch ($~29), 3. Whistles Leather Simple Clutch ($98)
Splurges: 1. Proenza Schouler Large Colorblock Lunchbag Clutch ($915), 2. Saint Laurent Saint Laurent New Pochette Clutch ($990), 3. Narcisco Rodriguez Folio Leather and Suede Clutch ($1,295), 4. Prada Saffiano Lux Clutch ($1,100)

Good night!  Cheers to an autumn weekend!

Pristine Christine