Tough Tuesday: A Pick Me Up Will Do

[youtube=] All I need is a pick-me-up. Don't you?  A little of this, a little bit of that; a little bit of McCartney, a little bit of Fallon, and you end up with an adorable pair.  Late Night clips are without a doubt one of my guilty pleasures.  Guilty pleasures also mean indulging in something hearty.  Until October 15, redeem a "buy 1 get 1 free" deal from any Einstein Bros., Noah's Bagels, Manhattan Bagels for a delicious bagel sandwich. Yes, I just shared a coupon with you. Just click on the hyperlink!

Speaking of pick-me-ups, I can't help but to think that wearing sweaters with uplifting messages or graphics can help brighten the mood of those around us as well.  From jeans to shorts to pajama pants to leather skirts, a number of different types of bottoms match these comfortable sweaters.


1. Mother of Pearl Sweatshirt with Pig and Balloon Embellished Print 2. Reason Homies Sweater 3.Ichiban Badman Sweater 4. Just Female Tres Cool Sweater 5. Thomas Slater Mullet Guy Sweater

My fabulous idea for a tough Tuesday? Grab a bite of Einstein's savory sandwich, change into soft, fun sweaters, and relax to an episode of Jimmy Fallon.  Cheers to better days!

Have a good night!

Love, Pristine Christine