Monday Musings: Brilliance at Its Best

My alma mater, Northwestern University, played against Ohio State on Saturday, and ABC televised the game.  We played with passion and diligence, and although we didn't win due to the touchdowns scored unexpectedly by OSU during the last quarter, the Wildcats put up a commendable fight.  After the Lakers Dream Team (Horry, Fisher, Kobe, Shaq) dispersed, I don't think I have ever been as excited about a sports game as I have this weekend.  I may be thousands of miles away from Chi-town, but my spirit is with the rest of the purple posse.  The undying efforts and integrity of our football team were just one of the several inspirations though.  As they say, brilliant minds spur much inspiration.

1. Inspirational food for thought: A brilliant article on collaboration and game theory (yes, individualistic society, this is aimed at you!)
2. Inspirational words: Warren Buffet's speech to University of Florida MBA students

"Your Future
I would like to talk for just one minute to the students about your future when you leave here. Because you will learn a tremendous amount about investments, you all have the ability to do well; you all have the IQ to do well. You all have the energy and initiative to do well or you wouldn't be here. Most of you will succeed in meeting your aspirations. Buffett Talk to MBA Students at Florida University 1998.

But in determining whether you succeed there is more to it than intellect and energy. I would like to talk just a second about that. In fact, there was a guy, Pete Kiewit in Omaha, who used to say, he looked for three things in hiring people: integrity, intelligence and energy. And he said if the person did not have the first two, the later two would kill him, because if they don't have integrity, you want them dumb and lazy.

We want to talk about the first two because we know you have the last two. You are all second-year MBA students, so you have gotten to know your classmates. Think for a moment that I granted you the right--you can buy 10% of one of your classmate’s
earnings for the rest of their lifetime. You can't pick someone with a rich father; you have to pick someone who is going to do it on his or her own merit. And I gave you an hour to think about it. Will you give them an IQ test and pick the one with the highest IQ? I doubt it. Will you pick the one with the best grades? The most energetic? You will start looking for qualitative factors, in addition to (the quantitative) because everyone has enough brains and energy. You would probably pick the one yo responded the best to, the one who has the leadership qualities, the one who is able to get other people to carry out their
interests. That would be the person who is generous, honest and who gave credit to other people for their own ideas. All types of qualities. Whomever you admire the most in the class. Then I would throw in a hooker. In addition to this person you had to go short one of your classmates. 

That is more fun. Who do I want to go short? You wouldn't pick the person with the lowest IQ, you would think about the person who turned you off, the person who is egotistical, who is greedy, who cuts corners, who is slightly dishonest. 

As you look at those qualities on the left and right hand side, there is one interesting thing about them, it is not the ability to throw a football 60 yards, it is not the ability the run the 100 yard dash in 9.3 seconds, it is not being the best looking person in the class, they are all qualities that if you really want to have the ones on the left hand side, you can have them.

They are qualities of behavior, temperament, character that are achievable, they are not forbidden to anybody in this group. And if you look at the qualities on the right hand side the ones that turn you off in other people, there is not a quality there that you have to have. You can get rid of it. You can get rid of it a lot easier at your age than at my age, because most behaviors are habitual. The chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken. There is no question about it. I see people with these self-destructive behavior patterns at my age or even twenty years younger and they really are
entrapped by them.

They go around and do things that turn off other people right and left. They don't need to be that way but by a certain point they get so they can hardly change it. But at your age you can have any habits, any patterns of behavior that you wish. It is simply a question of which you decide."

3. Inspiration leads to healthier lifestyle: Nutribullet.
Personal favorite recipe––
1/2 fuji apple
1 stalk of kale
1/4 banana 
1/3 carrot 
1/2 cup water
4. Inspiration fashion: Leather & Tech make a fab duo
ImageHope all of you enjoyed the reads! Currently reading: The Hundred-Year-Old-Man Who Jumped Out of the Window and Disappeared.

Good night!

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