Friday Fashion: It's a Liz Lemon Kind of Day

It's a Liz Lemon kind of Friday--the kind when you simply want to settle down and relax.  Does anyone remember the episode with Tracy's ruining Liz's dream vacation?  Her resort-esque outfit inspired me to create my version of a "Liz Lemon Resort" fashion.  Ladies, do yourself a favor and avoid fashion disaster by wearing shoes and tops of the same tone and color.  It's all about the pop!


1. ZARA Dark Navy Sweatshirt ($40) 2. MANGO Jacquard Baggy Trousers ($70) 3. Alice+Olivia Leopard Pumps ($360) 4. MARC by Marc Jacobs Henry Dinky Watch ($150) 5. Warby Parker Liv Sunglasses ($95 w/o prescription; $150 w/)

The night would not be complete without a glass of sparkling juice/cider or moscato wine and charcuterie board. My favorite pairing would be the fig jam and brie cheese on brioche toast; a few thin slices of proscuitto add the needed extra punch with its savoriness.

What's your favorite Friday night activity?  Do share! Until next time then...

Have a fantastic Friday!

Love, Pristine Christine