Where's Wednesday?: Market Fun

Image Who says going to the market can't be fashion-tastic?  Honestly, carrying my nice leather bags to the market can be a little annoying, especially when I'm picking my fresh produce.  Had I seen these adorable, pragmatic totes before, I would have snagged one already.  West Elm sells a variety of market totes, but the ones above are a few of my favorites.  The best part?  They are made in the U.S.A. and cost only $18!  Other than carrying them to the market, you can store your laptop in them as well.  You hit two birds with one stone!  Personally, lugging my InCase bag to the coffee shop just for my laptop can be troublesome at times, so this is good news for me.  Who could hate such a steal?  Grab a tote while they're still available!

Growing up, the sandbox never appealed to me. Even now, I wrinkle my nose at the thought of playing in one.  My playground, unfortunately, is Trader Joe's and Whole Foods.  Despite frequenting Trader Joe's every week, I am always still delighted by the products sitting on the shelves.  Our familly's seasonal favorite from the store is the pumpkin bread mix.  Normally, my mom uses walnuts and dried cranberry, but because we ran out of the latter ingredient, we decided to improvise: walnuts, pecans, and raisins.  1/4 of the mixture wasn't topped with extra nuts since my rather fastidious brother has changing preferences.  While the bread baked in the oven, the fall scent of pumpkin spice permeated the living room... and I loved it!


1 Pumpkin Bread Mix 2 large eggs 1/2 cup vegetable or canola oil 1 cup water 1 cups of walnuts 1 cup of pecans *margarine (use butter if you wish, but we prefer healthier alternates) optional: 1/2 cup dried cranberry

*Rather than mixing the margarine with the bread mixture, we coat the pan with margarine.

12 servings Calories per serving: 230 (using butter but fewer if using margarine) 18g sugar per serving

Save yourself the atrocious calories and sugar in the bread sold at stores and Starbucks by baking some right at home.  If you want to treat yourself to an even healthier alternative, buy the pumpkin bar mix. You'll be clocking in only 160 calories per serving.

Happy Wednesday, my beautiful readers!

Love, Pristine Christine