Monday Musings:

1. New header for the blog! For those reading my posts through a feeder or subscription, please check out the newly updated header on the site! As an avid fan of beautiful type and calligraphy, I am anal when it comes to finding the right font.  I can already surmise that wedding planning will be a pain in the butt.  

2. Queen of Comedy Tina Fey returns on SNL.  From spoofs to parodies, the season is not off to a bad start.  The premiere struck gold after the Obamacare spoof and the Girls Parody went viral.  


3. Macarons for you and for me.  These macaron boxes from Birchbox are not just cute but practical by removing the small clutter on your nightstand with its storage function.  Ladies, how can you resist this adorable trinket?

4. I am completely head over heels for the baked donuts at fōnuts!  As an unfortunate victim of GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease), I abstain from eating fried food (unless my mom uses the clean, expensive oil at home) and a myriad other things.  I'm more of a croissant than a donut person, but if it means chowing on some good donut, then I am all for trying it.  I was upset when, in the midst of my last-minute-Chicago-cramming-before-graduation, I ran out of time to give Doughnut Vault a go.  The only convenience is that unlike Chicago, where you can avoid congested streets by using public transit, Los Angeles leaves no choice but to drive and hunt for parking spots.  Can't wait to buy the mini-donuts, blueberry earl grey, strawberry buttermilk, pumpkin, and rosemary olive oil!  

5. I love the smell of pumpkin spice. Last week, my mom and I baked some pecan walnut pumpkin bread. The aroma from the kitchen brought me to Cloud 9.  This is one of the reasons why I anticipate Fall. 

6. Fall Floral Fashion: Fall flowers don't bring showers... thankfully. Floral prints have returned in a less tacky manner.  While I wish I could have all the following pieces, I'll just revere their beauty from afar for now.  #alwaysoscar, can you tell? 

ImageCheers to a new Monday but not to a federal shutdown.  What a stressful week...

Pristine Christine