Throwback Thursday + Fashion Friday: Let's Talk Coats

ImageWe are officially celebrating Fall until December 21!  Fall and Winter signify the beginnings of layered clothes and coat-sightings.  Structured coats--always a classic staple--now hang on the racks of every store.  H&M and Mango carry them as well, so if you're on a tight budget but need a coat, browse through either retail chain.  Personally, I love Marni's and Celine's coats (my mom said to me, "Don't worry, I'll give them all to you when you grow older. They're classic pieces, so they'll never be out of style." Thanks, mama.), but I also swoon over Valentino and Saint Laurent capes and coats.  However, I'm all about AEYFS (assessing and evaluating your financial situation), and let's face it, sometimes, you can't afford to drop a few thousand on a coat.  Four suggestions that cost less than $200 are: 
1. H&M Wool Blend Coat: $149
2. H&M Wool Coat: $80
3. H&M Double-Breasted Coat: $129
4. MANGO Masculine Cashmere Wool-Blend Coat: $170
5. MANGO Quilted Wool-Blend Coat: $100
6. MANGO Minimal Ponti Coat: $110

Whether you're spending your Friday night at a jazz bar or splurging on some fine dining, structured coats are the perfect fall item for covering up in the chilly weather.  Hope all of you replenish with rest and good food.  

Good night from both me and America's childhood! 


Pristine Christine