Tough Tuesday: Thanks, I'll take that cookie!

There's absolutely nothing wrong with saying "thanks" or "thank you," but in Asian culture, it's considered rude or taboo to accept compliments, which always left me aghast.  In a sense, I feel grateful to have spent my early primary years at Montessori and to have grown up with parents who cheerfully accepted compliments and said, "Thank you." I never viewed my gesture as being "un-Asian" until a private tutor, who happened to be a Korean American male, from back in the days was shocked when I replied, "Oh, thank you!" to his compliment about my new top.  He remarked, "Wow, I wish more Asian girls received compliments as well as you."  And maybe because of these experiences, I can't help but to giggle while reading and watching Mindy Kaling's interviews.  I actually had the privilege of working with her for a photoshoot two summers ago when she released her first book.  She's just as perky as her characters on television but a lot calmer than imagined.  For me, Mindy Kaling helps me destress with her honest yet quirky comments.

People say that when things get rough, hearty laughter is the best remedy, and Mindy does a darn good job of making me grin.  Huffington Post published an article titled, "7 Reasons We Love Mindy Kaling," in June, and it definitely deserves a read!  Not only does Mindy possess the intelligence and wit but the much envied talent of script-writing and artistic sense of a fashionista.  I spy her Ferragamo ballet flats, Marc Jacobs sweater, Celine tote, Hermes Birkin, and elegant Saint Laurent dress.  She simply dazzles in the Saint Laurent dress as it accentuates her best features.  Love!



I'm never the one to religiously follow a show--and despite the minor bumps in the middle of Season 1--but The Mindy Project has the same effects as addicting flaky butter croissants.  At first glance, The Mindy Project appears banal and too simple.  After watching one episode though, some unexplainable magic links you with Mindy and the remaining cast. The second episode of Season 2 airs later tonight, and I can't wait to watch it tomorrow.

Have a good night, and I'll share with you the results of my baking adventure tomorrow.

Love, Pristine Christine