Monday Musings: A Batch of Sweet Fun at the Emmy's

Image1. Emmy Fashion Picks: The ladies above impressed me with their stunning looks (their stylists deserve much credit), but I must say the ones who just dazzled out of the ball park are: Anna Gunn, Jane Karakowski, January Jones, Michelle Dockery, Kerry Washington, Tina Fey, Katrina Bowden, and Juliana Marguiles.  The women of 30 Rock definitely know how to rock on the red carpet; simplicity is the key, and they showed everyone how to be classy and chic last night. 2. Dancing into the Night: Honoring the nominees of best choreography, dancers put on a funtastic, creative show at the Emmy Awards.  Need I say more? [youtube=]

3. Baking Cookies: My brother and I baked chocolate chip cookies, using sugar-free pudding, because we need to get rid of these distasteful cups that sit inside our refrigerator.  I found a recipe online and we substituted the regular pudding mix with packaged sugar-free pudding.  I personally prefer cakey cookies, so if you're one of those people, then you may like our modified recipe!  Major props to my brother for his DSLR-photo taking skills.

4. Forever a Tina Fey fan: Can you tell that I'm a proponent of her work?  Politically, we may not be aligned, but when it comes to comedy and writing, I appreciate her witty humor.  A Tiny Fey-Amy Poehler duo never fails to cause an eruption of laughter in the crowd.



Here's a cheer to a new week and to the last full week of September.

Love, Pristine Christine