Fashion Friday + Spontaneous Saturday: Reliving the Weekend with Some Fashion Week

ImageCollage: me (Christine), Photo credits: Phil Oh

A bit belated (had to take care of some pesky business yesterday), but here is a toast to the weekend.  I'm sure we can all use time to refill our energy tanks before tackling another week.  Everyone involved in Fashion Week probably shares the same sentiments.  New York Fashion Week came to a close last week, and Phil Oh--being the street peeper that he is--snapped some hip shots before, during, and after the different shows.  From white on white to leather jackets to gorgeous coats to blazers to collars, these ladies show mad swag!  I admire how they aren't afraid to go big and mix and match colors/patterns.  Their character embroiders every stitch of their outfits, which scream, "Hello, I may be serious about work, but I am definitely cool and fun."  Cool and fun perfectly epitomize "weekend," and who else would be better for fashion inspiration than the ladies in the collage above?  

Just to cue you in on what happened on the runways, Lela Rose impressed me more with her music selection than with her Spring 2014 collection.  Cudos to her!  Black Yaya's "Paint a Smile on Me," released on September 9, will make you want to dance with happiness.    



Pristine Christine